All Attorney / Inmate Visit requests should be emailed to Administrative Assistant Missy Harrison. Written correspondence is required and should be sent to

In order to maintain efficiency for all involved, it is imperative that you indicate the name of the inmate(s) that you will be counseling in addition to the date and time you’re requesting the visit to occur. Failure to provide this information often results in conflicts with effectively securing a time slot for the requested day. Each visit will be allocated (30) minutes. A confirmation email will be sent to verify the requested time is available. If the requested time slot isn’t available, the reply email will display times that are available on the date originally requested.

It is the desire of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office to provide the most efficient and effective service. In order to make this possible, a minimum of a (24) hour notice is required to schedule a visit. It is understood that circumstances can occur, creating the need for last minute scheduling, and we will be glad to assist you to the best of our ability. However, please adhere to these guidelines unless there is an exigent circumstance.

Any questions regarding fees for Attorney / Inmate Visits should be directed to Admin. Asst. Missy Harrison.

Admin. Asst. Missy Harrison
Phone: (423) 728-7393






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