BCSO Awards award

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office seeks to recognize and reward those employees whose actions are above and beyond the call of duty or are splendid examples of how a deputy be conduct his/her official business in a manner that protects and serves the citizens, but also adds luster to the reputation of the position.

Valor is commonplace at the BCSO and has been proven out many times.  Whether it is in a gun battle, rescuing a person from a creek, pulling victims out of tornado damage, pulling victims out of burning cars, rescuing people from domestic assaults, or any of the other dangerous situations that the deputies encounter on any given day. 

The pictures here are simply a sample of awards that are bestowed on our employees.  These pictures will change as new acts of valor or service are documented.  Please whenever you see a Patrol Car with it’s blue light going, we would appreciate a prayer from you for the Deputy’s safety.



Last Saturday, July 16th, we helped report that 90-year-old Dementia Patient James Ford had become disoriented and was missing.
Sergeant Jamie Thurman and his K-9 Deputy “Duke” were called to assist in the ever growing search that went from most of the day into the evening.
Shortly after dark that evening, Sergeant Thurman and Deputy Duke had located Mr. Ford safe and sound.
Sergeant Thurman was awarded the Bradley County Life Saving Award today for locating Mr. Ford as it is strongly believed that Mr. Ford would not have survived the elements of the night out on his own.
Sergeant Thurman – Deputy Duke…. Thank you for your excellence and perseverance.

Pictured: (l to r) Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy “Duke” (upper left corner), Lieutenant Brian Quinn, Sergeant Jamie Thurman, Captain Wayne White, and Cleveland Tennessee Police Department Captain Robert Harbison.


SOCOM Awards Picture

Det. Rob Wilson, F.T.O. David Harper, and Dep. David Denton were presented S.O.C.O.M. Awards for their performance on May 20, 2016 when they responded to a call in reference to a burglary from a locked storage shed with over $25,000.00 of property stolen. F.T.O. Harper located a security video of the night before that revealed a male subject loading items into a red S.U.V. The next day, F.T.O. Harper and Deputy Denton located the red S.U.V. in the same area, like the one seen in the security video, with items from the shed in plain view, which were located in the rear of the vehicle.

Further investigation by Det. Rob Wilson led to $1,000.00 of stolen property recovered from the vehicle and an additional $5,000.00 of stolen property recovered from another location.



Deputy Tim Bohannon was presented the B.C.S.O. Life-Saving Award for his actions on May 20, 2016. He resuscitated a male that tried committing suicide by stripping wire off the ends of a cord and plugged the other end into an outlet.


Sheriff Eric Watson, Deputy Jesse Jones, Deputy Jeff Wagner, and Deputy Brandon Warren were presented Lifesaving Awards for their actions in preventing a male to commit suicide. These deputies were able to grab a male as he jumped from a back porch to commit suicide, and pulled him to safety.



Bradley County Sheriff's Office's photo.

Deputy Aubrey Rominger was awarded the Sheriff’s Office Commendation
Medal for volunteering her time and energy for her school’s fundraiser; she sacrificed her hair to make a child with cancer feel better!









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