During the 29 years of service at the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, Goins has served and held numerous supervisory roles within the Patrol Division, Drug Unit, Crime Suppression Unit, Criminal Investigations Division, Motorcycle Unit, Bicycle Unit, Community Policing Program, Physical Fitness Advisor Team, and Crisis Negotiations Team. For more than 20 years Goins has served on the S.W.A.T. team in all aspects of the unit, from Entry Team to Commander.

Captain Goins was the first deputy at the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office to attend and complete the F.B.I. National Academy at Quantico, VA where he received 10 weeks of advanced instruction in several areas of criminal justice. Additionally, Goins has attended and successfully completed various certification schools to include;

  •  U.S. Customs Service: (Blue Lightning Cross Training School)
  •  D.E.A. / E.P.I.C. Pipeline Interdiction Training
  •  Incident Command System: Generic
  •  Response to Terrorist Bombing Level I & II
  •  Criminal Intelligence and Investigations of Dangerous Motorcycle Gangs
  •  Forensic Anthropology of Skeletal Remains
  •  Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  •  Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation
  •  At Scene Traffic Crash: Traffic Homicide Investigation
  •  Emergency Response to Terrorism
  •  Managing Search Operations
  •  Basic S.W.A.T. School







Goins has also successfully completed the Instructor Development Course, and received additional certifications to train law-enforcement officers in Firearms, Officer Survival, and Physical Fitness.



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