Correction Officers are responsible for maintaining control over inmates who are awaiting trial, and those who have been sentenced to serve time for their convicted crimes. Once hired, Correction Officers participate in Basic Training and throughout their careers, yearly in-service training sessions.  The training is intended to refresh skills as well as introduce new skills, policies and procedures.  Topics covered during training include:

  • Professional and Legal Concepts
  • Gang Affiliation
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Cell or Body Searches
  • Jail Operations,
  • Inmate Hygiene
  • Familiarization with Substance Abuse
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Restraints
  • Suicide Prevention

From the first day of incarceration, all inmates’ activities and work assignments are monitored.  Correction Officers escort inmates from their designated cell to court holding cells in order for inmates to make their scheduled court appearances. Additionally, Correction Officers are also responsible for searching cells, inmates, visitors and mail for contraband, items not allowed in the facility. Inspection is also conducted regularly in order to locate signs of tampering on cells, locks, doors, and windows throughout the facility. On a daily basis written reports are filled out to detail conduct of prisoners, security breaches, and non-compliance with rules and regulations.  Furthermore, Correction Officers may also assist other Law Enforcement agencies investigating crimes that are committed within the facility.

Most importantly, Correction Officers have excellent interpersonal communication skills which enable them to establish and maintain a safe working relationship with inmates that allow rules and regulations to be followed with minimum coercion. In order to know the right time and circumstance to impose certain penalties to promote inmate cooperation and compliance with as little confrontation as possible, each Correction Officer has to exhibit sound judgment.

Often times, Correction Officers receive little recognition because they are behind the scenes, and are the unsung heroes of the Bradley County Sheriff Office.


B Days Corrections

 A Typical Shift of Corrections Officers


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