Boggess started with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office in 1982 due to the World’s Fair being held in Knoxville, TN. At that time the sheriff’s office jail was located on 2nd Street, but transitioned to a new jail on Johnson Blvd. in 1988 that resulted in Boggess being hired full-time. Throughout his career Boggess has worked in the Patrol and Criminal Investigations divisions. During his time in the Patrol Division he received numerous promotions such as Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Senior Lieutenant. During Boggess’ six year tenure as the Patrol Division Senior Lieutenant, he was in charge of the daily patrol operations and created the Marine and Mounted Patrol Units.

In 2004 when the sheriff’s office jail converted to the Justice Center on Blythe Avenue, he was transferred to oversee Jail Safety and Security, which encompassed the multi-million dollar facility’s cameras, door controls, jail maintenance, and two-way radio and mobile data systems, and Fleet Services.

Most of Boggess’ professional career has been as a public servant. In 1976 he began his career at Bradley County Emergency Medical Services as an Emergency Medical Technician, and served as a volunteer for 21 years with Bradley County Fire / Rescue. Furthermore, Boggess served as Chief of Rescue for the last 12 years of his tenure and was tremendously respected by his colleagues.



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