Director McAllister is a 1979 graduate of the Woodrow Wilson School of Law located at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was awarded a Juris Doctor Degree. 

Prior to graduation from law school, McAllister received a BBA degree with a major in Managerial Economics and a Minor in Accounting from Georgia State University in 1975.

Both degrees were earned with honors from Georgia State University. 

Director McAllister is also a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard, having served our country as an aviation machinist and air crewman, and distinguishing himself as an instructor in leadership and preparedness training for natural disaster response.

Richard has been responsible for budgeting, procurement, and the development of networks and relationships that secured contracts with many government agencies on the local, state, and federal levels throughout this region. He also works to secure grants and works on special projects upon the Sheriff’s request.

He also has worked as a senior auditor in the procurement division of General Motors Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was responsible for writing policy and procedures for purchasing, as well as tracking for adherence to accepted policy. He also was responsible for revising purchasing policies for General Motors as necessary for efficient operations.

He and his wife also attends Mt. Olivet Methodist  Church.   


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