Eddie Eagle

Federal officials estimate that there are over 200 million firearms in the United States. Studies suggest they are kept in approximately half of all households. Whether or not a particular family owns firearms, chances are,neighbors and relatives do, making it likely that children will encounter a firearm at some point. From their earliest awareness,children are exposed to guns through cartoons, television shows and movies. They are curious about firearms, and may have developed inaccurate perceptions of what a firearm is and does.

Eddie Eagle teaches them not to play with firearms with a simple, memorable four-part plan: If you see a gun: STOP! Don’t Touch! Leave the Area! Tell an Adult!

Through our elementary SRO’s, 2000 Bradley County  
students have learned about gun safety this 2014-2015 school year alone.  Some of the students have even met Eddie Eagle this year, thanks to a grant received last year through the NRA.


Eddie Eagle


If someone is wanting Eddie Eagle for an appearance, after approval of the Sheriff, they can contact me, Deputy Aubrey Rominger at (423) 478-8807 or through the Sheriff’s Office (423) 728-7300.

To learn even more information about the Eddie Eagle program, click the link attached to Eddie above.





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