The groundbreaking ceremony for the workhouse was held Tuesday, July 12, 2016. Tri-Con, Inc., a Cleveland-based firm has started constructing the new facility that has a projected cost of $3,146,195.00. The main purpose is to have another resource within the Correctional Facility to allow inmates the ability to work while incarcerated. This edifice will neighbor the Bradley County Sheriff Office and Judicial Complex approximately housing 128 non-violent and low-security inmates. Additionally, the building will incorporate offices for Misdemeanor Probation and other leasable spaces.

On July 18, 2016 the Bradley County Commission unanimously voted to honor Chief Deputy Brian Smith for his tenure as Chairman of the Workhouse Committee by authorizing the Bradley County Workhouse to bear his name, Brian K. Smith Workhouse Facility. Chief Smith advised, “the workhouse will help the county in so many ways, beginning with jail population and putting low-security inmates to work. This, (the facility being named in his honor), is a great honor to my family. There has been a lot of hard work done in planning this facility, and I can’t say enough about the folks who took the idea of the workhouse all the way to where it is now.” -QUOTE FROM CLEVELAND DAILY BANNER

Sheriff Watson appointed Alan Walsh, a 32 year Corrections Division veteran, to be the Superintendent over the Brian K. Smith Workhouse Facility. Superintendent Walsh will work closely with contractors as the building is erected.









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