Medical Unit

Medical Staff

In 2009 inmate medical services were contracted to Quality Correctional Health Care (QCHC), a Birmingham- based company that has demonstrated an ability to provide a high level of care at a reasonable cost. Medical needs are addressed around-the-clock by a staff of dedicated medical professionals.

The medical unit has facilities for medical examinations and dental procedures. Most medical conditions and illnesses can be treated in the facility without taking an inmate to an offsite medical facility.

Inmates are charged for medical care they receive during their incarceration. Current charges are: Sick call $10.00; Doctor visit $15.00; Dental service $15.00; Emergency room visit by police vehicle $25.00; Emergency room visit by ambulance $50.00. Lab services are $25.00 and X-rays are $15.00.

Self-inflicted injuries and those that are received through circumstances contrary to the rules of inmate conduct, requiring treatment at the emergency room or a physician’s office, will be the inmate’s responsibity for payment of all incurred charges.

No inmate will be denied medical care due to a lack of funds in their account. Unpaid charges will be debited when funds are added to the account.

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