The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office’s Mobile Command Center is used in the field to direct the agency’s response to a variety of situations. 

Purchased with a portion of Mobile Command 2
 the proceeds from a drug cash seizure on I-75 in excess of a million dollars, it is one of the most technically advanced and most efficient mobile command posts available to law enforcement. The vehicle was manufactured by Farber Specialty Vehicles at their Columbus Ohio facility. 

The command center has a multitude of uses, ranging from major crime scenes to drug investigations to serving as a mobile precinct in high crime areas. 

The mobile command vehicle affords “full capability to communicate and direct whatever activities are necessary” while staying in close contact with other involved agencies. 

The command center on wheels features a conference room that can accommodate more than half a dozen people and forward and rear operation centers. The rear center includes a mobile data computer that has access to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) network and the 911 center. Other features include:

  • A communications center with radio transceivers tuned to the department’s primary and operations channels; and frequencies used by other local law enforcement agencies.
  • A boom-mounted camera with remote pan, tilt and zoom and video recording capability.
  • An independent cellular phone system.
  • Satellite television with access to cable news networks and local broadcast stations.
  • An emergency shower outside to use for chemical decontamination such as a meth lab and a regular shower inside.
  • A small galley with a self-contained water supply.
  • Restroom facilities

The trend now is for agency specific vehicles. The Cleveland Police Department and the Emergency Management Agency each have mobile centers that are similarly equipped to accommodate each agency’s needs. The Bradley County unit is identical to three vehicles in use by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The Office of Homeland Security in Washington D.C. has also acquired Farber vehicles for deployment throughout the United States.

The mobile command center cost approximately $138,000 and was purchased with drug funds. State law dictates specific uses for expenditures from proceeds of drug investigations and seizures.

A license tag stating, “This vehicle was purchased with money seized from a drug dealer” is prominently displayed on the mobile command center.







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