Extensive training and regular in-service is required to become a member of the  Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Motorcycle Unit.

The Motorcycle Unit can be used to focus on traffic enforcement, crash investigations and traffic violation reduction.
This unit may as well participate in ceremonial events including VIP motorcades, parades, funeral processions, and used also as traffic escorts during special events.

The motorcycle fleet consists of highly equipped Harley Davidson Police Ultra Glides with 1690 cc twin cam engines.

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office uses motorcycles to aid in traffic enforcement throughout the county.

Because motorcycles have the advantage of moving through congested traffic and use the shoulder of the roadways, they are more maneuverable than police sedans and SUVs.
Officers operating motorcycles can negotiate traffic easier and more efficiently while responding to automobile accidents and other service calls.

Motorcycle officers’ primary function would mostly be used in traffic law enforcement. Motorcycles are also an excellent option due to using less gas. 







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