Lt. Russ HenrySRO

Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson and Bradley County Director of Schools Linda Cash have a Memorandum of Understanding which establishes the mission of the School Resource Officer program in all Bradley County Schools.

Sheriff Watson has a strong belief that the School Resource Officer program is an important link between the Bradley County Sheriff Office and Bradley County Schools. This program is designed to create and maintain a safe and secure learning environment in all schools.  Lt. Russ Henry supervises 16 School Resource Officers who have been placed at every Bradley County school that incorporates the D.A.R.E. program being taught at every elementary school.

Sheriff Watson and Director Cash stress the fact that on-site School Resource Officers seek to reduce incidents of school violence and provide safety for students and all persons involved in the school system, while establishing a rapport with students, parents, faculty and staff in each school, from elementary to high-school.

Sheriff Watson commended the spirit of cooperation between the Bradley County Sheriff Office and Bradley County Schools saying, “We are on the same page when it comes to safety and security on Bradley County school campuses. All of the Bradley County schools are staffed with trained School Resource Officers who care greatly about the students, faculty and staff they serve.”


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