S.W.A.T., Special Weapons and Tactics team, is an integral component of emergency response situations. They are a collateral duty team with highly trained personnel who take pride in being the last line of defense for Bradley County.

These members include deputies from almost every division within the Bradley County Sheriff Office, who are subject to be called out at any time; constantly maintaining a 24 hour on-call schedule. Primarily this team handles high-risk operations in a manner to minimize violence in order to diminish injury or casualty. 

Some examples of activating S.W.A.T.’s expertise and assistance include:

  • Unusual circumstances beyond the capabilities of normal warrant service exist. 
  • A Location is believed to be heavily fortified. 
  • Weapons are known to exist and have been used in the past. 
  • Gang members are known to be present. 
  • No-knock door ram entry is expected. 

Additionally, this team is activated during hostage incidents, barricaded suspects, civil disturbances, suicidal and/or mental subjects, man-hunt operations, and V.I.P. protection



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