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The Bradley County Correctional Facility is commanded by Capt. Gabe Thomas. Growing from an average of 180 inmates per day in 1982 to our daily average of 408 inmates today, this division has various areas of operations.

Once this facility was built, it brought a change in the way inmates were monitored and managed by correctional staff.  The transition from the old jail which used the “Indirect Supervision” model, led to the implementation of the “Direct Supervision” philosophy. This transformation significantly reduced the problems with inmates by actively managing their behavior. Of the nine inmate pods inside the facility, seven are direct supervision; the remaining two pods are Segregation and Disciplinary pods. In a direct supervision pod, the correctional officer has direct contact with all inmates inside the pod. Inmates housed in the direct supervision pods interact with their assigned pod officer on a daily basis.

The correctional staff endeavors to help the incarcerated as much as time, money, and staffing allows. A vast amount of volunteers are utilized to offer programs from obtaining an G.E.D. to classes on Substance Abuse. Additionally, spiritual support classes are offered upon an inmate’s request.

Vast operations function within the Bradley County Correctional Facility on a daily basis. The one common goal is to keep each inmate “safe and secure” while their incarcerated inside the facility.

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