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The Judicial Services Division is comprised of court services, civil and criminal process, and inmate transports.

Court Services are split into separate facilities: Judicial Complex (Criminal Courts), Courthouse (Civil Courts), and Juvenile Center (Juvenile Court). The deputies assigned are responsible for the safety, order, and decorum of each court. They patrol their facilities and keep custody of inmates during their court appearance, while protecting Judges, witnesses, jurors, and other court officials when court is in session.

Civil process service is also within this division, and deputies are responsible for serving legal papers that have been ordered through different courts. These processes include but not limited to: Subpoenas, Levy on Property, Garnishments, Orders of Protection, No Contact Orders and Show Cause Orders.

The criminal process is served by the “Fugitive Warrant Team”. This squad is responsible for locating individuals that are wanted on active warrants for their arrest. The “BCSO Top 10 Most Wanted” is also disseminated from this group, and they concentrate on apprehending the fugitives that have been placed on the list.

Deputies responsible for the safe transportation of inmates to their court appearances and doctor appointments are assigned to the Transport Team. They also travel to other jurisdictions to pick up defendants wanted on criminal warrants that have been captured in other jurisdictions.

Lastly, Inmates confined inside the Bradley County Correctional Facility has the right to be advised by their legal counsel under State and Federal Laws. Attorneys wishing to speak with an inmate should contact Administrative Assistant Missy Harrison in order to schedule the visit. Click the “Attorney Visit” Badge below for details.

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